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If you search for hydroseeding Melrose MA you will find Lentine Landscaping a local landscaper that specializes in hydroseeding in Melrose MA. We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the hydroseeding industry thanks to our quality, professional work and our unmatched customer service.

Experience Quality Hyrdoseeding Melrose MA

Lentine Landscaping creates beautiful and durable lawns with top-quality hydroseeding and sodding to residential and commercial customers in the Greater Melrose MA area. Whether you’re installing a new lawn to empty soil or replacing an old, existing lawn, hydroseeding and sodding are ways to install a new lawn quickly. Lentine Landscaping will work with you to learn exactly what your lawn needs are and recommend the right lawn installation for you.

Hydroseeding Cost verse Sodding Your Lawn

  • Hydroseeding is a spray of blended seeds, water, fertilizer, and hydro mulch that are chosen for the specific conditions of your yard. Hydroseeding is fast and cost-effective and produces a beautiful lawn more quickly and consistently than traditional seeding. Hydroseeding does require a commitment to a watering schedule.
  • Sod has the advantage of immediately looking good but it does require more skill to install than seeding and you don’t have as much control over the blend of grass types. Sod can be a better option if your lawn has a steep slope that would make it more likely for new seed to be washed away during rain. Like hydroseeding, sod does require consistent watering to allow it to take in the soil.
  • Current season, weather conditions, and your lifestyle are also important considerations in the decision to hydroseed or sod.

Whether you choose hydroseeding or sodding Lentine Landscaping will install a durable lawn that will last for many years and help keep it healthy and beautiful. We have over 20 years of experience building long-lasting relationships with our customers and we look forward to building one with you!

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If you are searching for a company to preform professional and quality hydroseeding in Melrose MA at an affordable price, contact the experts at  Lentine Landscaping today to request a hydroseeding estimate. Call us at 781.844.3263 or click to complete our online estimate form.

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